A Leadership Approach to Developing Your Business Plan

Have you ever heard of: “follow your dreams” – or – “don’t ever let anyone deny you from reaching your goals”. The central force behind designing a leadership business plan is the idea of uniqueness; in planning and convincing others to follow you, in a worthy, meaningful venture based on the merits of profits. It is rare that one gets on a business venture without the desire to accumulate profitable growth to the long hours of your labor. The reason I call this concept “Your Business Leadership Plan”, is because, the key figure whom will need to be in the forefront of convincing others to join your business leadership efforts; we be the leader of the “Business”. The leader of the Business plan will have to be the one early on, to scout for resources and think about developmental issues in all areas of conceptual organizational management planning designs.

The business leader/executive will be the one who will need to think of the issues of: aggregate business accountability that involves liability issues, human resources, financial systems analysis and financial forecasting, operations of performance and quantitative and qualitative systems evaluations, marketing that will include product image and perception strategies; and downright ongoing leadership teaching. Additionally, the business leader must guide and empower the executive team of the company and all employees of the organization. To serve in that role, the business leader must do all the thinking in advance on how he/she envisions the organizations, three, five and ten years goals and objectives, as part of the overall strategic plan of action. So often, business leaders and leaders in organizations flow along; not recognizing the business issues of the probabilities’. Business leadership planning is about bringing people together for the purpose of identifying roles and responsibilities in forming a strategic plan and put it into action. And, it needs to be done with the caveat of an emergency recovery plan that is available should matters not unfold as planned.

It is the responsibility of the business leader to set the standards for the rule of implementing process management practices that involve policy and procedural issues. It will necessitate the effort of identifying the right combination of individual roles and responsibilities: to assess people’s strengths, skills and expertise for the sole purpose of creating the TEAM. I have not seen in my thirty five years of leadership management experiences; a business leader form a business plan all alone; it just does not happen; it needs to be a TEAM. The executive business management TEAM must be the one who will be part of designing the company’s business leadership plan. They will be the ones who will carry out the strategic business leadership plan to action in efforts to create more leaders. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. one said “in this movement we are all leaders”. And, that is what business leadership planners ought to be thinking as the planning is take place; – How do we create more leaders?

The same concept holds true for business leaders designing business leadership plans it needs to happen as a team to form agreements, to form the message of the plan and to display the plan to others in the organization as a united effort, which the organization will pursue. These concepts discussed are applicable in any setting of organizational leadership from small to large organizations; it’s just a matter of working as a TEAM in the formation of the Leadership Business Planning process.