The Business Plan Is Dead

Yep I said it. The Business Plan is Dead.

Think about it.

The media that people are using to make decisions is changing daily because of how quickly technology is changing…

The process your customer or clients want to go through to make a decision is evolving daily because they are learning from their purchasing mistakes and prospects have never been smarter in the history of commerce. The number of solution options is changing daily as we make advancements and new ideas are developed. The distractions your customers and clients are increasing as their attention is fractionated with a mix of all the changes I just described.

So how in the world can we ever expect to make a business plan that is going to actually be worth the paper it could be printed on if it was printed a month after you wrote it?

We can’t. The real value in writing business plans is the thinking process we go through when we write them. What this does is put us in a position where we stop the idea that we have written a business plan….because the plan you wrote doesn’t matter anymore.

Since what matters is the thinking process we go through when writing business plans, what we have to evolve to is a way of thinking that reflects a more real time Continual Business Planning Process. This process is easier than one might think if you do it correctly. The number one key to proper business planning is being able to ask yourself the most important questions. Because the answers are out there and it’s our ability to ask a question that will give us the directions we need to get the answers that are going to create the results we want.